What does Visor Capital UK Ltd do?

  • Visor Capital UK Ltd is FCA licensed LSE member securities broker that provides securities trading, research and corporate finance services. More info could be found in ‘About us’ and ‘Services’ sections.

What licenses does Visor Capital have?

  • Visor Capital is UK FCA regulated company with agency brokerage license and active member of London Stock Exchange.

Who can be a client of Visor Capital?

  • Visor Capital provides services to all legal entities compliant with legal requirements of UK and EU. No services could be provided to individuals.

How to become a client of Visor Capital?

  • Please contact back.office@visorcapital.com or any member with your inquiry. Please visit ‘Contacts’ section.

Where to find Visor Capital SSI?

  • The SSI is located in ‘Documents’ section under KYC Pack.